Doors and Windows for Bay City & Bay City Homeowners

At M&M Seamless Gutters Inc., we have over two decades of experience helping homeowners in the Tri Cities area with doors and windows to make their homes beautiful. Whether a homeowner is building a new home or looking for replacement windows and doors, we help match the perfect product to your need and to the style of your home.

Window Brands

For window replacement, we have three preferred window brands that we offer to our customers — Easton and Hyde Park for vinyl and SherWood for custom wood windows – but there are several other trusted window manufacturers available for just the unique look you may be looking for.

Options for you to consider are window model, color, grid style, hardware finish, and glass features. Window models:

  • doors-windows2double hung
  • slider
  • picture window
  • casements
  • bays
  • bows
  • geometric shapes

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We offer free consultation and estimate at your home with our professional staff that will measure and order every window and door to fit. It is this careful measurement that ensures a tighter fit and less drafts making your home as comfortable as possible.

We Offer Homeowners Vinyl or Wood Windows

When a homeowner considers replacing the windows in their home, most homeowners choose vinyl windows for their low maintenance & affordability.

Vinyl windows are the best option for low maintenance and durability as they do not corrode, rot or pit.  They require no scraping and painting.  Because they will not warp, vinyl windows will maintain their clean look and operate like new for years.

Vinyl windows are more energy efficient than most alternatives. The U.S. Energy Department says, “Reducing drafts in a home may range from 5% to 30% per year.” In an older home, a large portion of energy loss is through older windows. New vinyl windows offer homeowners efficient double paned glass choices with an insulating layer. The tighter fit of new windows also ensures less draft and less energy loss.

Wood windows are available as standard wood surfaced windows or clad. Clad are wood windows with an aluminum or fiberglass external surface to protect the wood against the weather. The clad windows provide the homeowner with a lower maintenance window while still having the attractiveness of wood on the interior. These are often considered for the aesthetics of the wood look for the style of the home.

Door Brands

M&M Seamless Gutters Inc. has years of experience providing doors in homes, and over the years we have come to trust several door manufacturers. Among these are the preferred brands: Lumberman’sTherma TruFox, and others.

Wood Doors for an Inviting Entry

Wood doors are a beautiful choice for any home.  Wood provides a natural grain and warm feel making for an inviting entryway.  

Wood doors are a good insulator and are less prone to condensation.  You can easily change the look of your home just by painting or staining a wood door. Any scratches or damage that may happen over the years is easily repaired.

Aluminum and Vinyl Storm and Patio Doors

Bay City Roofing, Doors, And Windows House Image - M&M Seamless Gutters, Inc.At M&M Seamless Gutters, Inc., we offer storm and patio doors in aluminum and vinyl. These make for attractive and energy efficient additions to your exterior doorways.

To decide what material is best for your home, budget and use, talk to one of our experienced representatives. We can help you go through the many options and manufacturers’ products for a fresh new look for your patio entrance or an attractive addition of a new storm door.  

Among the options for patio doors, we offer:

  • hinge
  • french doors
  • sliding doors

We Are Your Siding Company

M&M Seamless Gutters Inc. was established in 1989, and we take pride in being a long standing, family owned and operated business in Bay City. As an indication of our dedication to quality, we offer a 10-year warranty on all our labor.  We offer free estimates and financing for your doors and windows project. Please call us today to get started at (989) 667-2055.